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Apart from the expert medical care, we provide counseling services for stress management, anger management, sleep issues, addiction problems, sexual problems, depression, anxiety, and phobias. Following are the specialized counseling psychotherapies we offer:

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy focuses on changing negative patterns of thought about oneself and others and helps to change these negative thoughts to alter unwanted behavior patterns. It aims at developing alternative thoughts which help to reduce mental distress. Cognitive therapy is effective in depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps in changing unhealthy and maladaptive behaviors and aims at reinforcing adaptive behavior by using various behavioral techniques such as Exposure therapy - Systematic desensitization, ERP. This is highly effective in conditions like phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) combines principles of both cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy.it deals with how one's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected and how thoughts influence our emotions and behavior. It helps in better understanding your thoughts and behavior and helps in changing and challenging the distorted thoughts and behaviors into positives ones.

Couple therapy

Couple therapy or couple counseling focuses on differences in opinion and aims at resolving interpersonal conflicts and helps in developing a stronger relationship.

Family therapy

Family therapy helps to understand and improve interfamilial relationships and behavioral patterns of the family. It aims at identifying and addressing issues that affect the members of the family mentally.